Founder – Seiki Takahashi

Upon graduating from Washington University in St. Louis’ School of Business, USA, Mr. Takahashi worked for seven years from 1986 in the fixed income division of Morgan Stanley in Tokyo. He subsequently served as Chief Investment Officer at Cornes & Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, a private investment holding company for one of Hong Kong’s wealthiest families. From 1995 until he established PJ Partners, Mr. Takahashi represented several hedge fund companies involved in venture capital and private equity investment in Tokyo.

Mr. Takahashi was involved in the development of some international projects, such as the following:



Altitdue at Jakarta is skyhigh dining at its finest, bringing together unique high-end dining concepts in one stunning location, providing customers with a breath-taking 360 degree view of the city.

The Altitude is host to the following:

  • GAIA, a fine classic North Italian cuisine created by OSO RISTORANTE
  • Salt Grill, a modern Australian restaurant created by Australian Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan
  • Enmaru Japanese restaurant, which won Japan’s No. 1 Izakaya in the 2010 Championship

Team Members

Profitability is the key in ensuring that food and beverage operators can continue operating. Therefore, it is important for food and beverage operators to have not only passion and creativity, but also know how to ensure the profitability of its operations.

We specialise in restaurant makeover by analysing the operations and making recommendations and proposing solutions to enhance the restaurant’s operations. This includes:


Ms. Kawai LowSingapore Team


Ms. Kamaljeet HayerSingapore Team

PJ Visionary also works with several international designers and has an extended network of F&B consultants.